Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ladies girl-talk thwarted by self-absorbed man

absolutely has nothing to do with this post - or does it?

Last night our couples group got together for a burrito-bar-type dinner at one of the homes. The men afterwards had something planned and we women were staying back for "girl-talk".  I'm not much of a talker - but I enjoy these older ladies. They are unpretentious, wise and a kick to be with.  Not everyone of the ladies there are older - a couple my age and then our token young mommy, Ashley who is in her 20's, with her new baby boy Jesse. We all enjoy "loving" on that little 6 mos old chub. 

So as the men were getting ready to leave, this one man, named Mark said he was tired and was not going with them - he wanted to stay, eat a little more and then leave to go home and "rest".  A couple of the men were perturbed at him not going.  Hmmmmm, our girl-talk is being threatened.  I could tell all the women were just sitting at the edge of our seats- holding our "chat" until he left - But he never left. He sat there and monopolized the whole evening. Talk talk talk - all about himself. I'm like,

"go write a blog why don't ya?"    "Get a wife"

So by the time the men came back - they saw he was still there.  One of the men who tends to be gruff (I like him the best) noticed and grumbled.  We stayed a little longer and he was STILL THERE when we left.

I wonder what THAT was all about?  It's not like he was hitting on any of us - I guess he was just lonely for female chat.

Put me in a "Men Bug Me" mood for the rest of the night.

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