Monday, November 12, 2012

Hard times for adult children

I haven't talked about our daughter and son-in-law up in Washington State for awhile, simply because it is never good news. It has been over 1 year, since Char has had a job. She has been collecting unemployment all this time, but it will run out in Dec.  The son-in-law, has been out of a job since Dec. The Husband and I are really disappointed in him. He seems to be lazy and depends on Char to get the job -  The deal is, Char has learning disabilities due to a seizure she had when she was 3 years old, due to a high fever. It damaged part of her brain stem. She is not retarded however she is developmentally slow and learning disabled.  We told her to try and get on a permanent disability but apparently she was denied. I don't get it. They told her to get out of the childcare profession and volunteer with animals.  OKAY - but volunteering is not going to help out their financial situation. Only if it leads to a paying job. It just doesn't look good.  It is frustrating as a parent, to watch what goes on - and you can't say anything or you will alienate the daughter. We feel as if we are in bondage.

Seems everyone we know, have adult children who have moved back home...some married with children of their own. Then I keep reading of all these lay-offs - they waited till after the election to make their announcements. I thought things were going to get better - I really did.

The last couple of nights, we have been watching ON DEMAND, The Men who built America.  Good stuff.  But I truly believe those days are long gone, never to return.  Too many regulations and rules. (granted some are really needed)  I've always told my sons, that they needed to find something they could fall back on - without always depending on a "job".  Did they listen to their mother?  No! My dad was a entrepreneur and was self-employed who employed many others and was able to retire in his late 40's.  Imagine that?  He worked very hard to be able to accomplish that goal.

So today we wait to hear on the Coast Guard for my ex-Navy son.  Meanwhile the other adult son, just works, works, works and gets nowhere.


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