Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 5 - Who was your closest friends as a teenager?

me and my best friend - HS sweetheart and future husband - 1972

My boyfriend and future husband was one of my best friends. We met when I was a freshmen and he was a senior. He was NOT MY TYPE, but I found myself extremely attracted to him. He was a Jock. Popular in that circle of kids.  I was not. 

When I started dating him, I lost my girlfriend's that I had been with since 5th grade!  I don't know if they were jealous or what - I was the first one in my circle of girls that broke out and crossed over to the "other side".   Only the "rah rah crowd" was not at all welcoming.

1.  I was a freshmen.
2.  I was dating a popular guy that a few other older girls liked and felt they were more entitled.

It turned out to be a very hard time for me. I had both sides mad at me. One side said I was stuck-up and the other side said I was "not cool enough" to be in their circle. (Of cheerleaders and pom pom girls)

I even tired out for Pom Pom, when I was a sophomore and was pretty good - a girl came up to me and told me they were going to all vote against me, so why was I even going to try.  It crushed me and I quit. My mom would try and cheer me up and say, that while High school seems like forever, that it is ONLY 4 years.  She was right. Once I got out, I was gone. I did go to my 10 year reunion and nothing had changed. So I never went back.

A couple of years ago, on Facebook, I started getting "friend requests" from those mean girls, from both groups. I accepted only because I was just as curious about them, as they were about me. One girl, who had been my best friend since 5th grade, apologized to me. Said she was so sorry she had been so mean to me and hateful. But most of them, honestly, haven't changed at all. I finally started cutting them loose. I am over it.

I had much better luck with my neighbors, work friends - and friends from church and my "young Mommy" friends.

High school was a nightmare for me.


  1. High school was not great, yet not as bad as yours. It was okay. I enjoyed college much better. I, too, am friends on FB with many old classmates, and what shocked me was how many of them HAD changed. A few hadn't, but several had.

    1. I found most had not really changed. Still catty and just wanted to nose around my facebook page. lol


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