Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 4. What type of student were you in school?

Grattan School - San Francisco

Oh man, you did have to ask that.  I didn't do school well.  I've always gave excuses to justify my school failures:

1.   lived in San Francisco in the 60's
2.   lived in a "happening" beach town south of San Francisco
3.   Too many outside influences (Vietnam War, the Hippie Scene and Pot)

I did fine in school until my 6th grade year.  It was 1966.  That summer I started doing things - I told you I was rebellious. I disobeyed my folks - I was constantly in trouble for something. It wasn't like I was running with a bad crowd - it was the same ones I had been friends with.  We are were ALL affected by the 60's and the area we lived.  In the above kindergarten photo -you have to wonder - how many made it back?

7th grade I used to cut school - We would go to a high school boys house, smoke pot and drink Colt 45 and listen to Jefferson Airplane.  The song that brings back this memory is White Rabbit.  I never got caught.

By the time I advanced to the 8th grade - it was a different school. More strict. I still got into trouble. Once a friend and I painted the girl's bathroom, black. We got caught.

Mom, Me and Dad at my 8th grade graduation
Don't let the angelic face fool you!

I started to mellow a little by my freshmen year (1968-69) but it was also when I met my future husband.  Lets just say, I was distracted!!!

I have regrets on the whole school thing.  I let my parents down and most of all, I let myself down. And this is where I tell you about the consequences.  I just couldn't handle school/college - I hated it. I hated the girl cliques and school politics.   I took a few classes and then dropped out.  I  started working in "The City" and loved it.  But deep down,  I knew I wouldn't be able to go far - without that big fancy smancy  college education.  I always said, I would do it later.

"Later" came and went. Oh I've completed a certificate program, took classes but do not hold a degree. So I have a masters degree in Life,  instead. That and a dollar won't even get me in the door, to buy a cup of coffee these days.


  1. I admit I never once cut school. In fact, in high school, I don't think I could have gotten out of the house without making too much racket or having the dog bark her head off thinking it was play time or something. Built in security system, she was. I did go to college, got a Bachelors. Anymore, that's bare minimum yet employers want more.

    1. Hi J. Yeah employers now want so much more and there's no such animal as "on the job training." And that is too bad too.

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I cut high school once and nobody noticed.


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