Friday, November 09, 2012

Big Boobs are over-rated

The Manzere

I changed out my summer clothes with the winter stuff, yesterday. As I am trying things on, I notice that everything is snug across the bust, but everything else fits fine. I hate that! I have to donate perfectly good tops, because they won't fit.  My mom who was a little petite gal, used to say, that BIG BOOBS were over-rated.  I can see that now.

My sister and I took after Grandma in the boob department.  I remember when I started developing,  I was ashamed.  Boys kept starring at me - I hated to wear sweaters. I developed first in my class of girls. Boys would pull my bra strap in back. Not cool.  Then the other girl's started to develop and one thing I noticed, we all looked different. Some really shot out BIG while others dragged along, sometimes having to stuff their bra's with Kleenex. (Do girls' even do that anymore?)

They are good to have, when you are younger - but once you hit menopause and post-menopause, they are a DRAG.  They get bigger. They are HEAVY.  No bra fits right anymore unless you find one that looks like a steel helmet for your boobs.  If you go bra-less, you sweat under-neath your boobs.  I'm wearing sport bras, because they are way more comfortable and tend to cut down a little on "the bounce."

The husband just doesn't get it. He practically split a gut once - when I came home with a "Minimizer Bra".

He's like, "WHY?"

See the deal is,  men deep down wish THEY HAD BIG BOOBS.  

Well they can have them. 


  1. Moobs are just not attractive though, that's why we women folk ROCK our ta tas.

    1. Ha, you can rock yours. Mine are staying put.

  2. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I'm nodding all the way through your post.

  3. Big boobs are a mixed blessing. Didn't Dolly Parton have hers reduced because they were giving her back strain?

    1. yeah she did but her's were BEYOND big and they were REAL. Thanks for reminding me that. I had forgotten.


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