Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Atmospheric Rivers coming directly toward our coast

Pineapple Express???

When I was a kid we just called these Atmospheric Storms a Pineapple Express without the pineapples!  Now they refer to them with these scientific names - I don't know,  I liked the thought of a Pineapple Express - brought visions of a sleek, kinda modern red wagon - BIG, it has to be really BIG. and long. Very LONG, filled with pineapples. and it goes FAST, really really fast.  And it's a happy time. We all get in line to accept our special pineapple!

 But it's not like that. Instead we are looking at WET rain. Really wet. Not so cold. (That's the pineapple part) Wind and we're supposed to get literally dumped on. About 11 inches in a couple of days which is a lot for here since we get about 30 inches a year but spread out till April or May.

Instead of in line for pineapples, people are lining up for sand bags and sand. And it's not a happy time.  There's DREAD in the air. Especially from those in the area of our summer fires. So we're expecting some mudslides, street and stream flooding. Flash floods - it's going to be quite the "ride". 

So the powers that be, try to get us all freaked out - Okay I got my fresh batteries, food, dog-food, cleaned out the gutters, mowed the lawn, have candles - full tank of gas. and some cash. "They" are saying this could be a 100-year event.

 Now how would they even know?

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