Wednesday, October 10, 2012

you never stop worrying about your kids

Yesterday was a bad day for my son and I.  He confessed he has some problems, he just can't make a go of it in the civilian world and is considering re-enlisting in the military as a career.  He misses the discipline, purpose and camaraderie that the military has.  So he dropped out of college.  Which also means, he has no job, no more money and he is broke!

At first it seemed he had a "path" but somewhere along the line, he lost his passion. He wanted to go into firefighting.  Budget cuts, and depressing news from his instructors, about the realities of finding a stable firefighting job, in this economy,  took it's toll. 

He wants to talk to some recruiters, but I'd like him to get to the root of his problem instead of masking it by re-enlisting. He says he might do the Reserves instead but I know, that even the Reserves, are being called up to active duty.  He is thinking about Coast Guard or Navy reserves first but deep down, he has always toyed with the idea of joining the Army. 

 Little kids = little problems.  Grown up kids = grown up problems. You never stop worrying about your kids no matter what their age. 

Note: The Husband is retired Navy and Coast Guard and active in Veterans groups, VFW and works at a Veteran's home so we are fortunate that we know where to plug him into for help.  I just hope he takes it.

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