Sunday, October 14, 2012


We stayed up late last night watching reruns of old TV westerns.  We were hooked. Most of them I hadn't seen in over 20 or more years.  First it was the Virginian. Then High Chaparral and my favorite the Big Valley with Barbara Stanwyck.  I might have to start recording the Big Valley because I had forgotten how much I used to enjoy it, and how beautiful Barbara Stanwyck was in that series, even though she was older - (in her 50's)

Last night Heath found out that his father, Mr. Barkley, really did not abandon him and his mother as he had always been led to believe by his evil Aunt and Uncle.  Mr. Barkley never knew Heath's mother was pregnant with him.  Although, Mr Barkley was unfaithful while he was married to Victoria. They really don't go into that little detail too much.

I also like the Big Valley because it is situated in the "Big Valley" of California. Stockton is just a little south of Sacramento.  I like hearing all the town names, they mention and they do throw in some local history within their story lines. I also enjoy Bonanza for that same reason. My folks used to own a duplex near where the fictitious Ponderosa Ranch was at near Lake Tahoe. When the series was in it's hey day,  a Theme Park called the Ponderosa Ranch was built which was the exact replica of the TV ranch but, it closed in 2004.

When we go to Virgina City, I always think of Bonanza and I can't help but not, hum the theme song. 

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