Thursday, October 25, 2012

warmer days are coming...

snow at 4000 ft - 27.9 miles away from us

Yessiree Bob!  The loan money has been deposited and the new HVAC is scheduled for the 30th!  It couldn't come at a better time -  Fall has finally hit - and just about 30 miles from my home - SNOW!  (at 4000 ft)

When I talked with the loan specialist at our credit union, she said our credit was good however there was something negative on our report. So last Friday, the Husband took down the information and called this bank that said he had a open account and it was reporting that we had defaulted.   The Husband is a Jr.  Many times, we have run into this, where it will have his dad on there and it is not us.  Sure enough, when they checked the social security number it was not his. (or mine) Not sure if it is Dad's.  Boy it really is necessary to check your credit report annually.  Actually I had,  but this little surprise popped up within the year. (whew!)

So all is well and I feel as if a elephant has been lifted off my shoulders.  I worried and fretted about this for exactly one year.  Also since it is a energy star HVAC we will get credits on our utility bill every month till it runs out.

It will be nice, to have heat in this house, especially in the morning, when I am feeling the creakiest. 

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