Tuesday, October 02, 2012

update on Stephanie - Chemo

Sunday was Stephanie's birthday party and we attended and had a nice time. They had horse and carriage rides, one of her friends donated for the enjoyment of her family and guests. So sweet to see her whole family there - multi-generations of her family.

So the latest is, she decided to go with the UCSF doctor but for some reason the Oncologist here, is making it hard for her. She was supposed to start her Chemo yesterday and he literally pulled the plug on it because he and the other Doctor do not agree on the treatment.  The Redding Doc basically said there was nothing that could be done - gave her 3-4 months. UCSF still had that same grim news but added some HOPE to the mixture by wanting to chemo the liver - and maybe...radiation. So both are now, meeting to mutually agree on how to treat her.  Her type of cancer is rare - and it is not curable. The UCSF guy just wants to give her more time with her family.

I hate that they are wasting time...

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