Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today is the BIG Day

hope to share my own exciting photos soon

To show how big of a skeptic I am, I still won't believe it, until I see that big crane, lifting my old Hvac out and installing the new one.  Clearly,  I have some "issues."

They said between 7am and 8am.  It's 7:29 am. No one is here yet. Although it is still quite dark out.

I hope they turn off my electricity. I want to watch news coverage of Sandy.  Just terrible. I was so worried last night - went to bed quite stressed and with a sick stomach.  I just hate these things.  I was afraid we'd see bodies floating in the water like Katrina. I hope to never see anything like that again. Horrible!

My friend has a daughter in NYC and she was quite frantic. I remember one time a hurricane hit Virginia Beach and my Navy son was stationed in Norfolk.  I was worried until he phoned me to say they were leaving to go out to sea and of course he was on a aircraft carrier so I figured, they knew what they were doing. 

I saw we have a "severe weather warning" posted.  Oh come on now - after Sandy, how can west coast meteorologists even use that terminology? 

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