Sunday, October 21, 2012

Things I do not like #1

I'm a complex person. When people think they have me figured out, they will soon realize they don't. I am me - always striving to be the BEST ME I can. 

So today I just wanted to write down things that come to my mind (today) what I do not like -

1.    know it all's
2.    big mouths
3.    liars
4.    uppity or snotty people  which does not always indicate wealth
5.    freeloaders
6.    racists
7.    radical atheists
8.    Jew haters
9.    Holocaust deniers
10.  churches who do not teach the Jewish roots of the church (a form of   
11.  People who do not like animals (personality flaw in my book)
12.  People who tote the "party-line" even when they know they are lying and 
       distorting the truth
13.  People who are so blinded by their party, they can't see the truth
14.  Christians who do not support Israel
15.  Christians who believe the "old testament" is no more
16.  Halloween -
17.  Grown-ups who act like children on Halloween. I liked it better when it was  
       for the children ONLY.
18.  lawlessness - 
19.  those who say they "support the military" yet they begrudge any benefits that 
       our service people EARNED and are entitled to.
20.  People who don't like cats - well I don't like YOU!
21.  Those who care more about a clean house, than their kids.
22.  People who are slaves to their cell phones
23.  Fat people who use the handicapped scooters in the grocery store
24.  People who cut down trees - like in LA when they cut down hundreds of trees  
       just to get the space shutter down the blvd.
25.  screamers 
26.  People who whistle really loud at ball games and blow out my eardrums
27.  Foul language. To me its a sign of lack of intelligence. I don't mind a
       word now and then, but the constant use in ones vocabulary is just 
       unimaginative and so juvenile.
28.  Dust
29.  fleas
30.  snakes
31.  garden pests
32.  bigots
33.  parents who let their children get fat
34.  car problems
35.  a dirty sink
36.  carpet
37.  drunks
38.  tweakers
39.  young people who act and dress like hippies of the 60's (like that is supposed to 
       impress me?  They don't have a clue!) 
40.  dirty cars - inside and out (not that mine is clean, it's filthy and its driving me 
41.  dirty smelly sheets
42.  stiff bath towels
43.  the vast majority of people who don't have a clue about the upcoming elections
44.  People who do not VOTE
45.  Those who just can't be objective and fair and see both sides in politics. 
46.  cracked heels
47.  bad hair days
48.  undisciplined children
49.  the controversy of Christmas being a pagan holiday among believers. (should 
       we celebrate or not?) The Husband and I do not agree on this one. 
50.  Same with Easter.
51.  Christians who act like Jews. (we call them "messy-antics") 
52.  BULLIES!!! 
53.  Television (there is NOTHING good on anymore. Prime time TV is a JOKE)
54.  deadbeat moms and dads
55.  CRIME
56.  others telling me what I should or should not do
57.  dirty windows
58.  streaked windows
59.  sticky floors
60.  timers that do not work
61.  abandoned pets
62.  surrendered pets because their new baby has a allergy (oldest lie in the book) 
63.  following the crowd
64.  LOUD music blaring from a neighbor 
65.  sitting next to a car, whose music invades my "space."
66.  grouchy old people -
67.  downright MEAN old people
68.  RUDE people and children
69.  children who do not take care of their books
70.  Parents who do not read to their children (you can tell)
71.  Mean teachers
72.  School - I hated school. I would of done much better in a independent study at 
       home program. They didn't have that in the 60's. 
73.  Women who act and dress like sluts and dress their daughters like that too.
74.  WAR
75.  road kill that has been on the side of a road for days
76.  when you drive over a dead skunk
77.  when my dog sneaks food
78.  when THE Husband feeds the dog "people food."
79.  Turkey neck on older women
80.   when younger women look at us older women, as if we are inferior. "Hey 
        babe, its gonna happen to you too - so don't get too cocky!"
81.   Older women who act and dress like they are in their 20's. 
82.   loud arguments,"debates" or discussions  - makes me nervous.
83.   CANCER
84.   When a loved one dies - especially your child. 
85.   Grieving - I know it's necessary but it ain't fun at all
86.   When mindless people tell you, "You mean you're aren't "over it, yet?"  Ah No, 
        a little hard to just get over the death of your first born. HELLO???
87.   Living without my son. 
89.   money problems
90.   those who have no clue what it is like to struggle
91.   friends who clean me out of Avon samples yet never make a purchase
92.   My best Friend Suzie dying.  Soon to be 2 years.  I miss her.
93.   cold, rainy dreary weather for days and days
94.   wearing coats and jackets. I was meant to live in a mild climate year-round
95.   KJV
96.   Southern Accents.  A slight twang is okay.(Texas accent is fine)  
97.   People who bash California.  Only Californians can bash California. 
98.   Snow
99.   the telephone
100. Bills

I'm surprised that I could go on and on.  Part 2 maybe coming soon.


  1. It irritated me so much when the trees got cut down for the shuttle. Ridiculous! I am not sure if my sister is a messy-antic. She follows British-Israelism. She says she's not a jew, but has a jewish bible.

  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    My top five of your 100 dislikes...racists, people who cut down trees, stiff bath towels - YUCK, the telephone, depression.


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