Friday, October 19, 2012


last nights lighting of the Sundial Bridge for THINK PINK.

So happy it's Friday - WHAT A WEEK! So many ups and downs.

I have the health insurance all set up now. I'm sticking with the Tri West -  I talked with a Rep yesterday at length explaining to me the differences between the Standard and the Prime. Prime is a HMO and Standard is a PPO.  I was misinformed about most of my coverage and come to find out - it's pretty good.  Not catastrophic like I thought. They are sending me out a handbook.

 I don't have to have a primary care manager - I can make my own choices and they will pay 80% if I go to a network physician. I do have a deductible. $300.  My $15,000 emergency visit last year, I only had to pay $500 of it. They paid the rest, with the exception of $100 that Aetna paid. We were paying $250 a month in 2011 for Aetna yet when I needed them, they paid the lesser amount because they only cover $100 for emergency room visits. The Tri Care (Tri West) is a benefit for the military and their families (Retired included) When I am 65, I can get Tri-Care-for-life.

My veteran son, has the VA for 2 years. MY other son, works 2 part time jobs at about 50 hours a week total. Both of them are going to have to get insurance coverage by 2014 or they get fined.  I hope they can find something they can afford or they will be living with us, the rest of their lives and that is not something I want to see. I mean I love them, but come on now...

As for the HVAC, the contractor is pushing us to get a new one, when I told them that we would have to just fix it for now.  We still are waiting on some applications. I don't want to be pinging our credit anymore. That does not help!

I'm off to my Nanny job.  Yesterday the 2 year old was sassy but she was without her 4 year old sister so she was way more cooperative.  Today will be another story no doubt.

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