Sunday, October 28, 2012

earthquakes and tsunami's

The Great Alaskan Earthquake - Fairbanks 1963

 Heard about the 7.7 earthquake up in British Columbia last night.  We called to talk to our daughter and son-in-law if they felt it in Seattle but they were not home.  Then I wake up this morning to find that a Tsunami warning was issued for Hawaii and some parts of the Oregon and Northern California Coast.

Residents took higher ground on those mountains

  I remember one Tsunami warning back in the early 60's when Fairbanks Alaska was hit hard with a monstrous earthquake. We lived in a coastal town just south of San Francisco and had to hit the high ground.  I honestly only remember it was a "happening" but I guess the grown-ups were a bit freaked out.  We were up there with all the neighbors - kids were running around, telling tales of huge waves that would swallow us up and that would be it. Of course the local surfers, were down at the beaches.  As it turned out Crescent City, Ca was hit instead.

Crescent City 1963

 Crescent City is west of us, just on the Cal/Oregon border.  We drove up there last summer and it's a quaint fishing town.  They have all these tsunami evacuation signs.  So does just about every coastal town up and down the pacific coastline.  When I was a kid, we just knew - no signs were necessary.  I guess now, it's a liability issue.

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