Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some people are so weird

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Yeah you heard me - weird.  Okay, me included sometimes - so I'll own my side of the street. However this is my blog and I want to rant so that I can try and understand The Weird in our world.

I went to bible study this morning. In our small group, there was a lady I remember from about 3 years ago - who was in my study with me.  I remember her because she was into the occult yet considered herself to be a Christian.  She is really "Bible knowledged"  yet she has some wacko beliefs that just do not align themselves well with scripture.  Most of the times, when she felt safe to share,  we would just be quiet...look around at each other, without her seeing us.

So I recognized her and said Hello and told her I remembered her from the last group we were in.  Then I opened my big mouth - I remembered this bible she had that was one I had never seen before. Wow, she got all defensive and said she didn't remember me and that she doesn't have any such bible.  So I told her I guess I had mistaken her for another gal.

But I hadn't.  Her name was Lin, just like the other gal. It was her.  During the study I could see her staring at me from the corner of my eyes.  When I would look her way, she would turn away.  Weird.  You know, I really don't care, one way or another about her.  I was just being friendly and that was all there was to it. It's not like I am wanting to be BEST FRIENDS with this lady.  Weird.

 She was into herbal potions that she said could heal people. I remember her saying that she was a "Healer."  She also said, she could "read" people.  She read tea leaves and said she could predict the future.

So now I probably did it.  She probably right now, is sitting around a witches pot with the rest of her minion,  and they are making a potion and plotting against me.

I don't really believe that - but there was something in her eyes that were spooky and downright weird.  

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