Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yesterday my son was plugged into the VA system - County and Federal.  In about 30 days he will be seen by a Physician. He is considered to be a "homeless vet" because he has nothing right now.  I guess some parents, kick their kids out - I can't do that.  He doesn't do drugs and he is not a alcoholic. He just has some emotional issues and he has allowed procrastination to take a foothold in his life. He's developed some fears, and has anxiety issues. He just needs to re-group and get that specialized support from other veterans that know.  He is entitled to the medical for another 2 years due to the hazards of his particular job in a war zone.

I could tell it was hard for him. The sweaty palms, and just his all around demeanor. We had to wait 2 hours before he was seen. While he was in talking to his advocate, I was outside talking with a wife of a Vietnam Vet.  I guess we all tend to forget - what these veterans have seen and gone through. As if we could cope any better!

Today he goes in to see the Va Rep at the EDD. (Employment Development Department) He also has to touch bases with his career counselor and be ready to do the paperwork and register for the Spring semester that starts in late Jan, early Feb. Meanwhile he is thinking about joining the Reserves - either Coast Guard or Navy.  He would work 1 weekend a month and I believe it is 2 weeks a year.

I feel more encouraged today - have to get this loving son of mine back to being the confident, smart, likable, funny and brave guy he used to be.  I know he's "in there."


  1. Gosh that sure puts things in perspective. Most of us Americans have no idea what veterans sacrifice for all of us. My prayers go out to your family.

    1. aw thanks for the prayers Hon. It will all work out.


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