Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Re-decorating my Laundry-room

similar to mine - I want some bling!

I have been wanting to re-decorate something in my house for such a long time but have not had the time or money.  I still don't have the time or money but I've decided I am going to just "DO IT".

I could do this!

I have a really dinky laundry-room. The laundry room at my other house was out in the garage and I lived with that for 22 years.  I just fixed up that end of the garage, like a laundry-type-room even though it was in a garage. So when I moved here, I was delighted to have a separate room. Actually it is more like a "walk-through" laundry-room. You walk through it to get to the garage.

something like this - with a chandelier

I have a older washer and dryer - not going to replace them until they GO.  Sure I'd love to get the new ones, front loading washer and all. But I can't see replacing them if they still work. That is just the way I am.

I was thinking Lavender but this is pretty too

So I plan to work with what I have. Mainly some paint and I need some simple shelving to line the wall behind the washer and dryer. I'd love to replace the flooring which is worn out linoleum but we have more important things to replace and fix and that is down the list and when we do replace it, we'll also be doing the 2 bathrooms as well. Sometimes you just have to live within your means - decorate within your means. It's not a CRIME!

don't like the color but you get the idea of what I want

Then when I get the smallest room in the house all fixed up, hopefully it will trickle out to the rest of the house. We really need to paint the interior. Ugh, what a job. We're still living with the off white walls my dad painted 10 years ago.

I think that is why I get so bored.

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