Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nice or co-dependent?

This week is a busy week of things I need to get done. I was happy that I wasn't going in to work on Monday but yesterday the Dad, called me to say that the 2 year old, was going to be home today (Tuesday) and he had an appointment that he needed to keep. (Grrrrrrrr)
I did at the least, say that I too had some things going on - he asked me if I could spare a couple of hours in the afternoon.  Oh man,  I couldn't lie.  I could manage to do it for a couple of hours. So I said,


I can't get mad at him for asking. 


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    At least you'll make more money than I will this week. :)

    1. well it didn't happen. He cancelled on me 30 minutes before I was to leave, saying he rescheduled the appointment.


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