Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Monday

I woke up with the Mama's and Papa's Monday Monday on my lips.  When I hear it it brings back such memories for me. I can't figure out if they were good memories or bad. If was a confusing time for me.

1966 I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade.  Having left the Haight Ashbury with my parents, in 1963 for a small beach town just south of San Francisco, I still kept up with some of my old neighborhood friends plus my cousin still lived on the corner of Haight and Cole - kitty-corner to the now defunk, Haight Theater. The whole "hippie" movement consumed me and my Pacifica friends.

I started acting out in the 6th grade - cut school for the first time - got drunk for the first time and smoked my first joint.  7th grade was the beginning of bigger and more daring acting out. Hitchhiking to into "the city".  I was a handful and I do remember being "grounded" alot.

When I look back, it is a wonder, that I didn't totally "turn on, tune in and drop out."  Many of my high school friends,  I lost due to drugs at a very early age. Some to this day are still, hippies and are just are stuck.

Still love the music - but honestly, those days were not as "great" as they may seem.  Sure it was fun, rebelling and acting out, even if I did get in trouble with my folks.  I think we tend to forget the bad stuff.  I know one thing that lingers in my head is the filth.  The Haight Ashbury at one time, had human feces and smelled of urine, everywhere you went.  When the movement grew up and left - it took that community a long time to recover. Now its a quaint, yuppie-type community with a flair for the 60's. Bottom-line,  its a tourist trap but still fun for me to re-visit some of my old haunts.

Boy all those feelings - just because of a song.


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Next Monday you can sing "Just another manic monday..." and think of the eighties.


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