Tuesday, October 02, 2012


* I worked yesterday and had a difficult time with the 4 year old - she was in a horrid mood.  Tried to hit me several times - pushed her 2 yr old sister off a chair (thankfully she didn't get hurt at all) would not listen to me, mind me or cooperate with me.  It was a  L O N G-  5 hours.  They went away for the weekend, and I know she was sleepy and tired.  I suggested to the dad, that I put her down for a nap but he wanted her to stay up, so he can get in more work.  Grrrrrr


* Last Thursday, was our first paycheck with the new raise and OH MY, it was a pretty sight.  I have to make a game plan, on who to pay and tuck some aside for the furnace.  We have decided to repair the furnace for now - because we need to wait until after Jan. to see if the Husband will be able to keep this position.  It all has to do with the State and funding.  I don't want to get that new HVAC and have payments if our higher income is not a done deal.


* I am sick of cooking and eating in this hot weather.  I want pumpkin spice tea, and meatloaf and soups!  I guess I could turn the AC down to 55.  Supposed to be 100+ again today.

*garden-vegetable soup recipe


* Still no Timmy.  Makes me sick. (and mad too)  Some insist the coyotes got him or maybe a bobcat.  Some say, he was taken by evil teenagers or rowdy rednecks.  None of these possibilities give me any hope and does not bring back my sweet little kitty. The Husband says, "NO MORE MALE CATS!" because they like to wander...Our female stays in the backyard. She will be 11 this Dec.


* I had to buy me some new sandals -  Usually I purchase at least 2 but with funds tight this year, I only bought a cheap pair and they have worn out.  There is nothing out there but boots.  I did find a ugly pair on a sale rack and I bought them - but I hate them. I wore them yesterday and they made my feet sweat.  I hate making a bad decision and wasting money.


  1. That soup looks awesome! What kind is it and would you share the recipe? Waiting with baited breath for the answer!

    1. Here you go on that recipe. Garden Vegetable soup - just in time for Fall.



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