Saturday, October 20, 2012

marijuana rubbing alcohol for pain

Last night I was at our group and all of a sudden I was hit with some intense pain in my lower back (L3 and L4)  It was so intense, I had a stomach ache and I felt like I was going to either pass out or throw up. 

One of the ladies there, took me aside and gave me a small jar of this rubbing alcohol she made using Marijuana. Her husband has Rheumatoid arthritis and his doctor recommended this to him.  However they chose to make it themselves.

The husband and I went into the bathroom, where he applied it on my lower back, hips and tops of my thighs where the pain was radiating down - also my stomach.  The stuff smells like garlic - gave my skin a greenish tint. I'd say around 15-20 minutes my pain was gone.

If I can use a topical application for my pain, it is much better than using Vicodin which gives me a headache and does not work after 2 days.  It really does not work that well for the kind of pain I get.

Her recipe comes from Mexico - 

Mixing a baggy full of marijuana into a 16 oz bottle of Mexican 100% proof alcohol.  They added some herb grown in Africa (can't remember what it was, but I can grow that in my garden) and several cloves of garlic. Mix it together and store in a glass bottle, and store it away in darkness for a couple of months - making sure you shake it every now and then.  After which, it will be ready and probably could last a year.  The Mexican alcohol costs about $40. 

I came home and was looking online for some other, less smelly recipes but I wouldn't want to dilute the mixture. I'm wondering, is it all that important to put that much garlic in it???  It really makes you smell like a old Sicilian Grandma!

It does register on blood tests - and so the Husband is not going to use it, unless he gets a cannabis card. I don't want to grow it - I'd rather buy it. We have a few neighbors who grow and we can smell it during harvest. I just don't want to grow it. (been there done that years ago plus I still have 2 young adult-sons living with me)

I did check the price for ointments and salves at the collective online and it wasn't that expensive, but it was also cut with beeswax and other things to make it more pleasing.

Don't let anyone who has a cannabis card try and fool you - 90% of the medicinal effects of marijuana when you smoke it, goes up in smoke.

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  1. Hmmm. Can you spread it on some crusty bread? Ha!
    (Have you ever seen Nurse Jackie? Hilarious and Netflixable.)


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