Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm in sHoCk

lord willing, this will be the last time I post this picture!!!

Our Coast Guard Federal Credit union approved our loan for the HVAC! 

I honestly do not get how the credit is. Up and down and all over the place.

*  1 week ago, we were approved for a Sears Card with a very large spending limit.
*  The other day, we applied for a loan through the contractor and was denied.
*  20 minutes later I went online and applied for a Captal one credit card and was approved
*  Today was approved for the whole amount for the new HVAC.

See, we have not had credit cards for 10 years except for 1 emergency one.  (We do have a car loan and a RV loan) We like to pay cash for everything else if we can.  When we bought the house, the credit lady said, we should of never closed our accounts.  So we are now building up some credit.  But we won't be using it. It's just to have.

We lived 4 years in our RV to pay off our debt that we both brought into the marriage due to our divorces.  I'm so glad we did that.  It was fun.  If we hadn't done that, we would of never made it through these last 4 years.  Now I do have some outstanding bills, one with the dentist and the vet. That's it.

Actually I would love to get a home equity loan and pay off the car, the RV, this new loan - and then get a new roof which we will be needing in about 2-4 years.  But I guess I have to be happy that at least I won't be cold in my home this winter.

What a week.

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