Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm co-dependent

Yesterday I was to go in to my nanny job for 2 hours. The dad called me in the morning and said he was going to try to reschedule his afternoon appointment and he'd call me. He didn't call,  I was all ready to go, when I decided to call him - he forgot to call me to tell me he had re-scheduled.  He apologized. 

Today I am in the middle of a project - he calls and tells me that he and the wife have appointments to look at new schools for the girls. So he needs me tomorrow for 2 hours. Now, did he know this yesterday?  I hate this last minute stuff. I am not on call. Then he asks me to come in on Friday 15 minutes early.

Okay - so we're going to have to have a talk. I will let the Mom know - it's possible she tells him and he forgets.

I am trying to learn about fundraising and this new company. There is a lot to learn. I really want to do this and I even told him, this week I have to get this stuff done.  But I guess he thinks I sit around all day waiting for them to call me.

Yep I am co-dependent once again and its time for me to call them on it.

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