Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hit Hard

It's the Husband's ANNUAL ENROLLMENT for Health Benefits at his work.  We cancelled my medical coverage in 2011 for the 2012 calendar year. It had gone up to $250 a month, and with his low paying job at that time, we could not afford that - unless we sold the house.  As a military retiree spouse, I am entitled to TriCare for free, although it is Catastrophic coverage. It's better than nothing and I tend to be a more "treat myself" with home remedies and always lean toward alternative ways.

However I am a senior now. (granted,  a young, vibrant sexy senior) The new benefits for 2013 will now cost us for just me - $196 a week! That's almost $800 a month!!!! I can't afford that!!! I really feel for families.  It would be $378 a week. $1512 a month!!

 It says in BOLD PRINT - That we cannot cancel the insurance for financial hardship.

We are screwed.

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