Wednesday, October 24, 2012

facebook family fued

The Husband and his younger brother do not like each other.  I don't know exactly WHY but then again I know little brother was totally against us marrying and said he would NEVER accept our marriage. (what a jerk)  He felt that my Husband and his ex wife should reconcile.  That would be hard since she had remarried and she was the one who left my husband. 

Anyway, little brother is just argumentative and I don't even know why I am "friends" with him and his dumb wife on Facebook.  Maybe just because I am nosey?  They aren't "friends" with the Husband at all. 

So yesterday I shared this on my wall -

oh but wait - I am sure there would be some group of people who would say this is discrimination. Wishful thinking but it would never happen.

that's sick for both animals and humans

Little Brother:
 Where did you get THAT idea? The Neo-Nazis? Josef Mengele would approve!


Hey Dude and Dudette - it's MY WALL and I can say whatever dumb thing I want. I think it's time to "restrict" them to only a few postings. 

I could of said something - and almost did,  but why argue?  That's what he wants and he is hoping that the Husband will see it.  The Husband rarely looks at Facebook - and I'm not going to tell him.  It's not a big deal.  But this is always the case with them.  They are calling me out on just about everything I post. 

You know, its not like I REALLY BELIEVE we should do animal testing on Pedophiles. I admit, I have some personal issues regarding child molesters and pedophiles - frankly I'd rather just give them the death penalty.  Hurt a child - YOU DIE. Plain and simple. 

PS. I just decided to post what I said in the last paragraph.  Uh oh, let the Family Facebook war begin....


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Duh-lete him, Duh-lete her.

  2. not worth your energy :)


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