Monday, October 29, 2012

early voting

Early voting in California means absentee ballot.  I did that a few times, when I had my daycare in my home and found it hard to count on the parents to pick up their kids on time, so I could vote.  But it always left me feeling, blah.  I guess I like excitement and "happenings" and going to vote and standing in the long line and getting that little sticker, saying, I VOTED - is all part of the fun.  (although they used to include a sticker in your absentee ballot. I don't know if they still do that)

I've been voting since I was 18 - in 1972 the first time 18 year olds were allowed to vote.  Back then,  the high school really pumped up their efforts to teach us to think for ourselves.  I don't remember any of the teachers trying to sway us, one way or another like many do now.  We were still in Vietnam, and we were very much informed.  Many of us had friends who were in Vietnam and I had one neighbor-friend who had died in 1967.  

Now I watch some of the reports about how our college students don't even know what is going on. I saw one video where they were not even aware of what happened in Benghazi.  Honestly, many of the youth today scare me. Maybe I was odd,  but I used to subscribe to Time and Newsweek as a 18 year old!  Always loved politics.  We had debate classes in high school.  Do they even have that anymore?  My parents were very liberal Kennedy lovers and the year of Kennedy's election, they helped in the campaign in San Francisco and blocked out our windows with these huge posters of Kennedy.  We didn't see sunlight stream into our windows until the election was over!  Thank God Kennedy won!

I admit, I have always done my own thinking.  I am stubborn that way.  That used to make my folks mad since they were die hard democrats and just assumed we would follow blindly.  My dad once told me,  that as long as I lived in their house, I would vote their way.  Yeah right!  NOTHING would ever change their love and devotion to Democrats.  (in fact I am convinced they loved the Democratic Party better than their own daughters)  Whereas I can see the good and bad in all of them.  They would never vote Republican whereas I have voted both Democrat, Republican and Libertarian.

Voting to me is such a privilege I have never taken lightly and it really does make me fighting mad, when I hear of others who don't vote.  I know too many who have fought and died for this privilege -  heck, even my dad fought for his right to be an eternal Democrat. 

Before my Mom died in March of 2008, she was so pleased to have cast her absentee ballot for Hillary Clinton - the first woman to run for President in the Primaries. At that time, she did not like Obama - I often wonder would she have changed her mind? 

Yeah she would of. 

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  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I would say you were an advanced 18 year old. I was probably reading Seventeen or People.

    I get my news online...CNN, Drudge, MSNBC, Fox to cover left and right.

    I have voted for Republicans, Democrats, and the Green Party once.

    Did you hear that the kids of the nation voted for Obama? (Scholastic) Since 1940, they've voted accurately except for 2 elections.


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