Thursday, October 18, 2012


I'm in a pissed off mood.  Yesterday I applied for a loan to get the HVAC system.  We were DENIED!  Just a week ago we were approved for a Sears Credit Card with a very large limit.

Right after they denied us, I applied for a Capitol One credit Card and was approved. Unfortunately  it won't be enough to cover the HVAC.

I am still waiting on 2 other credit sources but am not holding my breath.

I will see if we can get a home equity loan but I heard that is even harder.

It is looking like a long cold winter for us, INSIDE our home - again this year.

PS.  I think we are going to have to just get it fixed but that does not alleviate the problem. Come next summer,  our AC is hit and miss.

I am so bummed. Here my husband gets a raise (of course it is temporary) and I am trying to qualify yet still can't.

The husband is so much better at this than me. He just says,

 "we'll do what we can and trust the Lord for the rest"

Sounds good but I get freaked out about this stuff. Plus what if the Lord wants us to be cold this winter?????  Have a JOB-type winter again this year?

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