Monday, October 29, 2012

Calfornia just doesn't count

It's always been this way and I think many people around the country just don't realize how California doesn't count much in elections.  Sure we have 55 electoral votes - that are just taken for granted.  OHIO is the game changer with a measly 18 votes!

If you live in California, and its a Presidential Election - and if you never read a newspaper or watched the TV News, you'd never know there was a major election.  No TV campaign ads - no billboards.  No rallies planned to woo California voters.  They only come to California to get money. 

Well it bugs me.  On Election night coverage, many times at 6pm, the East coast has already declared a winner.  No wonder our voting statistics suck.  I mean, why bother to go and vote when you've already heard whose won?  And I feel for Hawaii and Alaska as well. They are 1 and 2 hours behind us! 

I've always thought they should not announce winners until all the polls are closed. Oh but that would make too much sense.

Many Californians, both Democrats and Republicans have found that to be very annoying. I think it's probably the one thing we can unite with.


  1. You can have some of Iowa's ads. I am so sick of them. I remember in the 80's after they declared a winner before much of Hawaii even voted, the news stopped doing that for a while because turnout in that state was so low. I don't know why they quit doing that. Now it is worse than ever.

  2. I wonder what would have happened if today were election day (because of the Sandy)...would they have postponed it?

  3. That map is hilarious, especially since I am a born and raised Buckeye. I live in Indiana now, and I am glad to live in a state that doesn't have presidential visits all that often. They are a pain in the nether regions. Never thought about how the time difference would affect voting numbers.


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