Wednesday, October 24, 2012

blah blah blah

*  I'm not going to bible study today.  It's cold, dreary and my body aches.  I'm still sitting in bed with my cat at my feet.

 *  Yesterday I cleaned my laundry room. This weekend I hope to get some paint and start this project. 

*  Still waiting on the $$$ so I can schedule the HVAC.  Yesterday I noticed a dusting of snow on the mountains - about 1-2 inches. Probably melted by evening. But the real deal, is that first clear day we have after all this clears and we get to see the snow on Mt Shasta.  That is truly a sight to behold.

*  Baked a snack cake yesterday - I bought it at Trader Joes (Vanilla cake) It reminds me of the snack cakes they use to give us in school when I was a kid, with a thin layer of chocolate frosting. 

*  I'm feeling kinda overwhelmed, stressed - I don't know how to describe it. Like something is going to happen - or NOT happen.  I'm trying to keep busy.

*  Maybe it's because I am excited to watch the World Series -  Go Giants! 

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