Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Autumn, ffft-ffft-ffft and coffee

You know the sound of those rainbird-type sprinklers,  ffft-ffft-ffft. I'm listening to our back hill being watered and enjoying my 3rd cup of coffee.

The weather is starting to "change".  Supposed to get into the mid 70's  with a low of 49!  Wow, haven't seen that in months! Sunday I wore jeans for the first time since May and I felt uncomfortable. So I came home and changed and won't wear them again until I really have to.  I haven't started wearing shoes and socks yet either.  Even the little 2 year old, yesterday wore shoes and socks for the first time in months and she wasn't pleased. Of course lately, she is never pleased. We are going through major TT's. (Terrible Twos)

I have a very busy day on my plate.  I hope I can get it all done and then relax and enjoy the Autumn that is starting to happen.  I'm craving soups and chili's and pot roast and foods I haven't cooked in months. 

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