Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Saturday Post

okay so it's photo-shopped

The Husband is at the VFW - I just got up from a nap and son # 3 was watching the Stanford/Notre Dame game.  It was a win/win for him since he likes both teams. But with Stanford's loss, he was disappointed...but then again - he was happy. Go figure.

Our next door neighbor is having a garage sale, so I went over to check out the goods. Mostly girl stuff.  We talked about what is going on, in our neighborhood, regarding so many missing cats, that never are found.  Her cat went missing just a few weeks after Kitty Koo. And now Timmy is gone.

Another neighbor called me the other evening telling me a raccoon killed a white cat in her neighbors backyard and he witnessed it.  I have never seen a raccoon here, but apparently we have them and they are out and about, closer than I thought - especially when Cari, my neighbor said she walked into the garage and there stood a very big one.

When I lived in the urban bay area - we had those mutant raccoons - you know, half gorilla/half raccoon with a Quasimodo-like hump in on his back.  He stood close to 6 ft tall.  His home was the sewers and when he would hop a back fence, we thought for sure,  the whole thing would give way.  But one thing about Quasimodo - he never touched the cats!  He would send in his little guys, in through the cat door to terrorize our guinea pigs and once for a big laugh he sent 2 of his gang to sit atop the Dove aviary.  I caught them trying to finger the door of the cage open.  Needless to say,  Lucy and Desi were  fReAkEd oUt.

So Miss Buster has a new curfew. She is not allowed outside after her dinner (if we can help it) and for sure, she comes in before we go to bed. I've had her 10 years this December and I would hate to see something happen to her.

The other day I saw a circle of vultures circling around and around - over by the edge of a field and it just made me sick.  My first thought was Timmy. 

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