Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I said I would be posting from time to time about this young Mom, with 2 little girls, who was given 3-4 months to live. 

As I mentioned I am friends with her on Facebook and so I am able to see her posts.  It is amazing to me, to watch and read how she just goes day to day, knowing she has this  cancer, over her.

Today she went in for a liver biopsy.  She had told us, that her oncologist said there was nothing more that can be done.  It even seemed for a few days, she had given in and given up.  Many of us, suggested to her, to get a second opinion.  Sept 20 she was be going down to UCLA to a leading West Coast Doctor who deals specifically with patients who have neuroendocrine carcinoid tumors. 

It is heartwarming, top see the out pouring of love and support from our community that I would not have seen if I were in the larger metropolitan area of San Francisco.  Not that it wouldn't happen, but you would not hear about it as much.  Many businesses in town have Donation jars on their counters.  There will be a fundraiser soon.  Not to mention, the businesses that have donated their services free of charge.  Beautiful photography and Video as a lasting keepsake for her family.  People have volunteered their horse ranches so the family can enjoy a day riding horses.  A group of women from a local house-cleaning service, are cleaning the inside of her home, while she and her husband are at the hospital. Meals have been arranged through October and she is receiving organic veggies and fruits for her smoothies.  So many generous and loving people - both friends and strangers!

I'm praying more than I have lately. I think of her when I get up in the morning and several times during the day.  

Bless her heart I really do hope that there is HOPE for her and that she can fight this.

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