Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rant - working women vs stay at home

I really like not working. Is that bad?  Does that mean I am lazy?  Does that mean that I am "less than" other women who work? Does that mean I am boring?

I don't think so!

Come on now, we women know that our own gender, can be downright CATTY to each other. When they are jealous, they will say things like,

"Oh I'd be so bored, I need something constructive to do."
"I need to be with people. I am a people person."
"Sitting at home, watching TV all day and eating bon bons would drive me crazy"
"Better you than me!" 

Oh give me a break.  I'd say most women that I know, who are home, are NOT doing that at all. Many have children, or they blog, or have a little home business. They are creative with their time they have at home. They volunteer their talents. They garden or they create crafts or decorate their homes.  They school their little ones.  And they do this all, by not making a income. 

Granted there are recent studies saying that stay at home Moms are stressed, depressed and sad.  Well why is that?  Is it because other more righteous working moms like to put them down?  We women,  who enjoy our work at home, should rise up, and support other women who are working at home (and I include full time moms in that)  Encourage them.  Yes, some might be un-employed and those are the ones, that are stressed, depressed and downright sad.  They've had years of conditioning, and hearing what a drag it is to stay home.  Now I am not including the households that really need 2 incomes.  (or do they - that could be another post)

So ladies, the next time, you feel compelled to be jealous and catty to other women who are not working,  just stop it right there and admit: 

that you are just jealous -
it's YOU who lacks imagination
that it is you are not self-motivated and need direction
and Bottom-line. It's YOU who are the BORING ones. 

There I said it. Time for my Bon Bons...


  1. I like part-time work. Very part-time. Like 8 hours a week. I used to work full-time and I hated it.

  2. Yeah I've done the full time work in the past before my kids - and then when I was a single mom I was a full time nanny. That was fun. But I always miss being home.

    I like to make money, I just don't like the conventional ways to do it. :-)


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