Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Pacifica, Ca - my childhood home

It's been so smoky outside I am trapped inside my house.  Finally it dons on me:  If I really can't go outside and putz in the yard, I might as well do something constructive inside.  So Sunday I started "laboring" around my house. No I am not 9 months pregnant!  I put on my camouflage T-shirt and told the family I was declaring WAR on dust and smoke. (and anything else I could get rid of)

I started in our master bedroom.  Cleaned and organized my closet - organized my clothing by color.  Dusted. and BOY did we need that.  Both the Husband and I have been having allergy issues due to the dust and smoke from outside.  Cleaned my dresser drawers - re-organized my desk, cleaned out the hall linen closet - although I don't have that much linen in there - mostly cotton polyester blends.  Linen closet sounds much better! Washed all the valances in the bedrooms, washed the windows, vacuumed as well as washed my own bedding.  I also cleaned and re-organized my master bathroom.  I love clean!

Yesterday, was a terrible smoky day and I started in with the headache and felt like I was going to toss my I made the EXECUTIVE DECISION to go out and purchase an air purifier.  I did some research and found a sale and a good price and instead of buying 1 - I bought 2.  A bigger one for the living room/dining area. and a medium size one for the master-bedroom.  Man, those things are expensive! I used to have one years ago, and loved it.  I texted the Husband - told him I can't take it anymore and he texted back saying he was proud of me for overcoming my "cheapness" and making a smart purchase.  If we are going to live surrounded by 3 national forests, then these air purifiers are a necessity! I'm kinda proud of myself too.  Coming in from the outside is like coming in to fresh clean-smelling air.  My headache is almost gone.

Now, if we could only get a air purifier for the outside garden - life would be perfect!

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  1. 1. Did he get the job???
    2. We need to go to OCD classes together.
    3. You need to wear a respiratory mask. Seriously.


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