Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I'm such a sceptic

This new job - starts next Monday Sept 10 and I am still "not a believer."  I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I'm trying to protect my emotions if it does not pan out.  From what we know, it is about 110% MORE (double what my husband is getting paid now) Now, THAT is hard to believe.  I keep asking the Husband, if he heard right.  He assures me he is not deaf.  I just can't seem to "download" that information.  I know I know, I must be numb and so burned out from having to scrimp and save (more scrimping than saving) for 4 years, that I can no longer "feel" something that is good. 

Today the Husband had to go in to the Department of Justice to be fingerprinted.  And apparently Jerry Brown (Governor of California) has finally approved the funds for this Veterans Home.  I think that is what is bothering me.  Our income will always be determined by whether or not it gets funding from the State of Confusion California.

Other than the skepticism, I do "allow" myself to dream about how I will be able to get some things done around here - that has been neglected due to our own economic downturn. However there are things we really need.  Perhaps now, we can recoup where we were before and we can be in a better position next time, something happens.  (See I no longer trust anything!)

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