Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dinner for Stephanie and Family

Today I get the pleasure of bringing Stephanie and her family dinner.  Today is also when she gets the results from her liver scan and also her Oncologist will refer her to some specialists either at
UC Davis or UCSF. I hope and PRAY all goes well. 

Good news - the insurance company that originally denied her has agreed to accept limited coverage. The deal still remains - they think she had cancer when she applied for this medical back in March.  She might have but she didn't know it. I would think all she needs to do is to show proof that her last pap and pelvic were clear.

The community continues to show support.  A local yogurt place in town, had a "Stephanie" Day and all proceeds went to her fund.  This weekend, there's something going on at the Home and Garden show as well.

I'm bringing over a dinner that children usually like.  Hamburger Pie. A green salad and blueberry bagels and creme cheese and some bananas for their breakfast in the morning.

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  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Positive vibes to Stephanie. Your hamburger pie looks DE-licious.


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