Monday, September 24, 2012

A Nanny Moment - Potty Training

Ahhhhhh the memories of potty training. Not just with my 3 sons, but with numerous little ones throughout the 26-27 years of caring for other people's children, either as a Nanny or a family daycare provider in my home.

One memory I can't seem to get out of my head, is with 3 year old Max.  He was doing great with the pee but with the poop, he just had "issues".  When he felt the urge,  he'd run to me and say,

"Quick, it's coming, I need a diaper on!!!"

and so I would put a diaper on him and then he would "do it".

This kid had control - he just didn't dig,  sitting on a big seat with a hole in it and "it" plunking down, with a little splash on his tush. 

We were so close to victory and I was getting so tired of the diapers. His twin sister was already trained and we were running out of M&M's.

One day I heard him run to the bathroom and I heard all this commotion - then I heard a big, "YEA I DID IT."

So Stella and I run into the bathroom to do our "Potty dance" and he says,

"AND "it" has a face on it too!".

Okay, so I looked... And it did!

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