Friday, September 07, 2012

A multi-post day

These fires are blowing their smoke north - the smoke is worse in the am.

I feel like it might be one of those days where I may have to post a few things on my mind and my heart. We'll see...

Well we have yet ANOTHER fire in our area.  This one in the Trinity Alps is at 12,000 acres. Yesterday when I was coming home, I could see the huge plume of smoke. However, the smoke we are getting is actually from a fire in Mendocino County to the south-west of us.  Its the way the wind flows.  (or the crow flies?) 

It's supposed to be in the high 90's for this weekend. I don't mind the temps, it's the fires and the smoke that make it seem so unbearable to be outside.  I really hate thinking what all this smoke is doing to my lungs. 

Today the Husband put these drops in my eyes, that he has been using and eyes feel better - although they did burn and it was hard to keep my eyes open for a few minutes.  But it's like, there is a coating on them to protect them, yet I see fine.  They last 12 hours. They are OTC and they were not cheap. (and you know me and cheap)


  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Yeah, use those drops. What about masks?

    1. The masks are hard to find and in many stores they are waiting for delivery. I should of went to that place that was offering free ones, 2 weeks ago.


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