Friday, September 07, 2012

A heart post -

I've been feeling sad the last couple of days.  The reason?  Well a local gal here just found out she has a rare form of Neuroendocrine Carcinoma.  A young Mom, with 2 young girls went in for a normal pap and pelvic and got the news.  I followed this on Facebook.  I met her one time - and she "friended me" on Facebook a couple of years ago.  She also owns a skincare salon in town.  One of her daughters attends the same preschool as the 4 year old I nanny for. That is the extent of our relationship.

That post status where she first told everyone really gripped me. Then just the other day she posted the bad news. The cancer had spread to her liver and she had a huge mass on her spine.  The Doctor told her 3-4 months; maybe a little longer if she can tolerate the Chemotherapy.

Of course this is when socal-media does their best work.  She was on our local news, last night. People are donating money (her medical insurance was cancelled) and helping her fight the fight.  She has only just begun.  I signed up to bring her family a meal and next day breakfast for the 20th of Sept.

This kills me.  I tend to get really wrapped up in things like this where it can consume me.  I know there is nothing I can do, but pray - bring meals and donate what I am able to.  I think she is like, barely 30 years old. 

As a young Mom, I would of been a basket-case, thinking I would never see my children grow up.  As a older Mom now, I can only think of how her mother is dealing with this.  I know about losing a adult child.

So I might be posting, about Stephanie now and then.  I sure hope and pray she is able to fight this and we all can share in her victory.  Bless her heart!

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