Sunday, August 19, 2012

Too close for comfort

Dry lightning early Sat morning caused many fires near us.  One, the Ponderosa Fire is about 30 miles away to our East.  Just since 4am Sat morning this fire has spread up to 12,000 acres and is out of control. I am so upset - My dear husband is at the evacuation centers helping out.  We feel helpless for our neighbors and community.

I am sure we will be fine, where we are at - the fire would have to jump a few mountain ridges coming west to get to us.  However I am reminded that my folks (who used to live in my house) was evacuated in Oct. 1999.  I work tomorrow but come Tuesday if the fires are still out of control, I will start getting things together just to be on the safe side. 

My husband might be bringing home some animals for us to "foster" until their people get somewhat settled.  I went to the store this morning and it was crazy with people, stocking up their RV's.  I saw one young dad there with a couple of little kids and he said to his wife, he was just so overwhelmed.  I can't imagine.

PS - pictures are from Redding Record Searchlight 

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  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    That is scary. You are so good with the animals. Good luck.


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