Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Time flies

*2 year old me with my Mommy*

I love old pictures.  In fact I love anything old, except for me.
 Actually I don't mind getting older.  I think I've always
been a old-soul. I just want to grow old, gracefully. 

  Gee I think Truman was in office in 1956.  No it was Eisenhower. 

I love those little girly sun-suits back then.  You don't see 
little girl's now-days, wearing those. 

Wow, I sound old.


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    You could have been in commercials!! You looked tall. Are you?

    1. I'm average - 5'3 3/4 - I was a big baby and child for many years. Then I slimmed down around age 6 or so. My Mom was little. About 5'2, barely 100 lbs

  2. I simple adore this! Love old the stories behind them!

    1. I do too. Many of the old family pictures do have stories and I'm blessed that my mom told me many of them before she died.


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