Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Kirby Guy

more leisure time for me?  Just what I need!

Today, a Kirby vacuum-cleaner salesman came to my door. He greeted himself and handed me a plastic covered card that identified him as a Kirby guy.  Before he had a chance to say anything - I told him, I already have a Kirby.  The poor guy was sweating and said he gets paid $20 per house, to clean carpet.  So since I do need my hallway carpet cleaned,  he's coming back in a few minutes to clean it. For FREE!

While he is here I am going to get him to show me how to attach my carpet cleaning attachment to my Kirby.

I wish I could get him to clean the whole house -  I actually love to clean carpets.  It is so rewarding.

Maybe this will motivate me -

Gee, I hope he is for real and not casing my place.  No I think he is on the up and up.  My sons are here anyway.

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