Wednesday, August 15, 2012

That good old summertime Cabin Fever

Times flies when you are being baked alive.  It's been Hot - 113 the last 2 days.  Plus it's been terribly smokey. We are surrounded by forest fires that are only about 15% (if that!) contained. That just means, they only have a containment area of only 15%. The fire no matter what,  is raging at 100% - consuming more acreage daily.

on the way to our camping spot

Our family camping spot is in one of the fire areas.  I can't imagine, fighting that inferno in 113 degree heat.  You can tell in that picture, where there are few trees on mountain - where a fire once was.  This is at 7500 ft elevation.  We last camped there July of last year.  My sons were just there last month.  They are devastated that their campsite is probably gone.

Yesterday I started feeling depressed.  That "cabin fever feeling." Being stuck inside, due to the heat and the smoke.  With my blinds closed to keep out the heat.  After a few days of this, I was starting to get weepy.  (I'm such a wuss)

I love history and the thought that this all might be gone, makes me very sad

a California Fixer upper

I love cows!  Have to pass through private ranch land to get back onto forest land

Beautiful area

across part of the little valley

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