Thursday, August 16, 2012

Technology is awesome!

I'm on the do-not-call list but they still call.  Now I am getting voter calls from every political organization out there and it's making me ANGRY. 

So I turned off the phone answering machine and I finally activated my voice mail from Charter.  I also have programmed distinctive rings for family members we like.  The rest will have to leave a message along with the telemarketers and political panhandlers.

I can even listen to my messages online.  Now that's lazy! 

Some of my bay area friends will just have them call my cell.  If they forget and call the home phone,  I have their numbers forwarded to my cell phone.

 Now that is making your phone work smart.

I am FED UP with these hangups and recorded sales pitches and the phone ringing constantly.  It will only get worse, the closer to November we get.

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