Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Rural living

The State of California is trying their best to squeeze everyone out of the rural areas and into one big metropolis.  Next week, a "fire-prevention fee" (illegal tax) will be mailed out to all my rural neighbors. The fee is levied at the rate of $150 per habitable structure, which is defined as a building that can be occupied for residential use and could include sheds and barns with electricity,  RV's etc.  For many residents it could cost them a lot of money, they don't have.  They give them 20 days to pay. Then in March, they will get yet another bill - for 2013.

There will be lawsuits soon. 

Last night we attended a community meeting with the State board of Equalization - the State agency who will be robbing collecting the fee. Even they agreed, it was a illegal tax-

This is not about fire protection. It is fire prevention.  They have hired about 70 employees to handle all of this - more bureaucrats with nothing to show for us.  For this "fee" we will not see any new firetrucks, or new fire personnel. It is for prevention only.  (More Smokey the Bear coloring books, stickers, and pamphlets
for the schools.)  And because our fires are in the rural areas (mountains and forests) only the people who live there, have to pay.

That would be like, going into a urban ghetto - telling those folks, because crime is high in their area, the State will be imposing a crime-prevention fee on every resident in that urban ghetto.  Not for more officers but for crime-prevention methods only. I don't see that happening at all.

The State of California (State of Confusion is more like it)  is scrambling around to bring in money and they think the rural community are just a bunch of stupid hicks.

I have news for them.  

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