Monday, August 27, 2012

old friend

Last week I connected with my old best friend in High School on Facebook.  We had kept up for years, letting writing. (remember that?) Attended our 10 year school reunion together with our louses spouses. We divorced around the same time - was single around the same time yet we lived miles apart. Oh the fun we could of had.  When she was getting remarried, she wanted me to come to Tahoe for her wedding.  I don't know what was going on with me at that time, but I cancelled out on her and she got mad at me and that was that. I believe that was around 2000. She had never been mad at me before, but I think she was more hurt than mad.  It bothered me for years. We lost track of each other.

Now she is divorced again. Living just about 3 hours north of me in Oregon.  She apparently lost everything. Plus she is a breast-cancer survivor.  Her youngest son, went to Iraq in 2006 and came back a totally different young man but not in a good way.  Severe PTSS.  He went AWOL and he was charged and thrown in a military prison but she fought it and they released him and he was given a Honorable discharge.  However, he is really messed up.

We talked at how, we would of never imagined our lives to be the way they are now.  We started out so full of promise.  Who would of ever known?  

She is a grandma from her oldest daughter 2 times now,  but she is not able to be with them, due to being her 83 yr old mother's full time caretaker plus they live far away from her.

It was nice getting re-acquainted but it does stir up some past that sometimes I think is best to just forget. 

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