Friday, August 24, 2012


No not Mr. Noodle

That's it.  I can't keep it inside me any longer.  Now I'm talking about noodles, not Pasta.  Remember when noodles used to be long and flat.  The thin ones, the medium sized ones, the large and the extra wide flat egg noodles?

I cannot find them anymore!  Oh they sell noodles, but they are a poor excuse for a noodle. They are twisted and short.  Even the so-called "extra wide".  Drives me nuts!

So today I was shopping for a few things and I came across real honest-to-God noodles.  Amish egg noodles.  I was overjoyed,  to say the least.  Of course I haven't tasted them yet, but figure anything from the Amish has to be good.

Now I can make a decent Beef Stroganoff with real extra wide noodles.

All is right with the world!

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  1. Yeah. The Amish know what they're doing. You're good. Beef stroganoff...that sounds really, really good! Bon apetiít!


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