Sunday, August 05, 2012

My Sunday Post -

I finally spoke to my husband telling him I want to start looking at other churches.  Don't get me wrong, I do like the church,  and I love the teaching.  It is a California-type church - Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. Pastor Chuck Smith started a church, in the late 60's - he evangelized hippies, flower children and of course surfers up and down the state of California. It started the Jesus Movement.  I love the laid back way.  It is also important to me, because I do have Jewish heritage from my Mother's side, although she was raised as a Christian.  Then I married a Messianic believer. So any church, that actively supports Israel, has a soft spot in my heart. 

The church has grown very big (which is a good thing) but I believe I enjoy a smaller more intimate gathering.  Being a introvert, I get lost.

Before we moved up here in this semi-rural area,  we attended a Messianic congregation in San Francisco that I absolutely loved. It felt so right for me (us) The closest Messianic congregation is Sacramento.  A good 3 hour drive. We used to go down once every couple of months but gas is just too high - our slim budget right now cannot justify the trip.

Since up here, we can't find the right "mix".  Our current church is the best we have found.  We also found a group of people there, who are also Jewish believers, or Jewish-loving gentiles and they formed a Torah Study on 2 Friday nights a month.  Wonderful fellowship.  We would still continue to attend that - as many have other churches they attend. Basically it is a bible study with a Jewish flare!

We also are "friends" with the local Reform Jewish Synagogue here. They know we are "believers" and welcome us anyway. In fact on the High Holy Days, many of us who have Jewish in our lineage come for fellowship.  The church we now attend, share in hosting the annual (fun) Purim celebration from the book of Esther. Plus there are many who are in "mixed" marriages.  Of course, if you know anything about Reform Judaism,  it is very liberal in their thinking. Definably NOT Orthodox.You could not do this in a Orthodox Synagogue.

Then just on the road before you hit our subdivision, is a Black church.   Mixed really - but they are our neighbors and we have attended a few times - about 50 people.  A short walk from our home.  Recently some rednecks around here painted a swastika on their door.  I felt a bond with them. 

That is where I am at. Where do I go?  - who do I get involved with?  without compromising who I am,  but not going in every direction.  

And yes, I am praying about it. 

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