Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maybe, just maybe...

The Husband called with good news, that he couldn't keep to himself.  We also can't say anything to anybody  - it's not a done-deal yet but it looks good.  

But since I trust you all - It's hard for me to keep a secret from you.  So here goes:

The Husband has been working hard for over 4 years in this semi-rural town in Northern California, leaving a good job in the Silicon Valley. We took a 45% drop in income. (willingly) It's been hard to find good livable wage-type jobs here.  The only thing keeping us above water was that he is retired military and that monthly pension.

So the news is, he has been offered a good paying job (for here) a livable wage job.  Enough to where we can afford to put me back on the medical insurance.  I took this year off and it was a big risk. I do have comprehensive medical as a military spouse. But for medical exams, tests etc - its on me. Fortunately I have been healthy.

He would be working at the brand-new California Veterans Home. A huge facility.  He is leaving the county's Child Protective Service - which has caused him a lot of stress on his job. It's totally him - a retired vet - working and serving those who have risked and sacrificed so much.  He will love it.

He goes tomorrow at 6:30 am to finalize some things - then he would start Sept 10.

I'm just one, who hates to get myself all excited because I fear, being let down.  I'm thinking, this just might be, what we've been waiting for.  FINALLY!!!  He's certainly put in his dues - it takes awhile when you relocate to a new area to get plugged in.

It also comes in handy since I am only working 1 day a week.

So I am keeping my fingers crossed ....oh and shhhhhhhh don't tell my husband I shared....


  1. That's wonderful. I won't tell.

  2. Praying for blessings over you and your husband in this time of transition. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, I treasured every word. :)


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