Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lets do Lunch

I used to be way more social than I am now.  Maybe it's a combination of events that has made me, fairly content to spend my days, without human companionship.  But that's not entirely true.  I'm with my husband and I have 2 of my sons, living here.  I am hardly ever alone (which I crave) So why is it, they don't count?

I'm not shy yet I am a introvert.  Last week on my son's birthday, I went to his favorite hamburger joint, and sat by myself and had a hamburger.  It didn't bother me.  I'm extremely comfortable in my own skin and with myself.

So today,  I will be meeting my friend for a early lunch.  And she is bringing along another friend.  I'm going for the food!

I like this gal - but we are as different as night and day.  She's a country girl, born and raised in this semi-rural Northern California town. She cans and fishes, and hunts and has a gold-mining claim and used to live in Alaska for a few years when she was first married.  So she learned a lot of survival stuff.  I think that is cool.  But, I don't know how to handle a gun - and I've never canned in my life.  I am a city girl and I never really thought of myself in that way, until living here.

I try to be more down to earth - but if it isn't in you - it's impossible to fake.  Plus I don't know if I even want to learn!

She is also recently widowed - a little over a year and she is now man-hungry.  She asks me all kinds of questions about dating again (she knows I was once single for a few years ) And she is joining all these groups and going hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, Kayaking.  She also has a mountain bike and rides for hours at a time.  I feel downright guilty around her. She used to be quite heavy and has lost 45 lbs and wants to get down another 35-40 lbs.  Oh and she must have inherited some money, because money does not seem to be an issue now where it used to be we couldn't do lunch sometimes, due to her lack of funds.  She also has been traveling.  

She loves to shop.  I hate to shop. 

 My Excuses

First of all, I am about 10 years old than her.   I was never the athletic type.  I used to run - power walk and play volleyball. (tennis)  I helped coach soccer a few times - does that count?  

I am more cerebral. I like to know what is going on.  She doesn't care.  

When I first met her,  I liked her - but it wasn't a grand slam.  IT takes me awhile.  We went camping together with our families up at their gold claim - had fun.  But then she ignored me for quite some time afterwards.  I thought maybe we did something.  About 6 mos later, her husband died unexpectedly.  

I just can't keep up with her - physically or financially. 

Oh I'll go and sit there, being witty and making them laugh - (she thinks I am funny) 

I know I know I seem cynical but it's really just my dry sense of humor.


Comments are good - I admit, sometimes I don't respond back, in time for a dialog. I bad! I will TRY and do better. Thanks for understanding.

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